CAD/CAE Solutions

CAD/CAE Solutions

1. Innovative solutions on CAD/CAE with innovative technologies: Based on studies on the cutting-edge of Computational Geometry and experience on CAD/Graphics for more than 15 years, we focus on solutions for CAD mesh processing using innovative technologies for upcoming demand to customers. We provide following services using unique computational geometric technologies: + Primitive oriented B-repCAD model reconstruction from CAD mesh. + Automatic generated modeling or procedural modeling for CAD parts. + Simplification and subdivision for CAD mesh. + CAD meshes processing for CAE.
2. Technologies transferred from university. Our core technology is provided by Suziki lab in RCAST of the University of Tokyo. The study started from a project called PROMOTION OF VENTURE CREATION BASED ON UNIVERSITY TECHNOLOGIES which was sponged by Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) in 2008. The target of the project was to find a new solution for B-rep CAD model reconstruction from CAD mesh using cutting edge of geometric technologies. In the project, a patent for the technology was applied by the University of Tokyo, and it is used in our application. The application is under developing and is expected to release on April 2013.

cad_en A patent for B-rep model reconstruction from CAD mesh.

Application date Oct 2011
Application Number 2011-225407 (Japan)
Title of invention Abstraction of boundaries between tangent-plane-continuous surfaces and its method.
Inventor Chun Geng – Prof. Hiromasa Suzuki
Applicant The University of Tokyo

3. Tools and Applications + Arc-match (alpha version) – A tool for B-rep model reconstruction from CAD mesh. + GMB 1.0 – Grain Model Builder. + TPS 1.0 – Thin Plate Splitter. Contact If you need further information about our CAD/CAE solutions, please contact us via email or fill the request form by clicking on the link of the following email info@